Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Results from NetCAT 6.0 Community Acceptance Survey

The survey gives an idea about how the community of netBeans 6.0 users have responded to the development of netBeans 6.0. Initially the survey was meant to be for the NETCAT users only, but was later opened to everyone from the netBeans community. The results seem to be fairly acceptable to the community...

editormatisse ruby

Of all the different parts of netBeans 6.0, The new Editor seems to have the largest number of showstoppers. But most users have responded positively to the work on the editor and seem to agree that improvements can be further done on the next release.

The Swing GUI Builder doesn't seem to have a lot of users from the community, but I know that quite a lot of new users as well as teams love this feature. Along with the Swing Application Framework, the GUI builder is an excellent feature from netBeans 6.0

As for Ruby/JRuby support in netBeans 6.0, I completely love the work the netBeans team has put on Ruby. A lot of Java developers think of Ruby as a competitor, but certainly not the netBeans team. One comment from the survey says that "Ruby is the flavor of the month scripting language". Just goes to show the normal Java developer's hostility.

There are other results from the survey on new Javascript Editor, Profiling and Consolidation & Installation. Read the full survey results here.

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