Monday, November 26, 2007

TechCrunch - FaceBook's Biggest Success Story

If you thought selling 1.6% stake of Facebook to Microsoft for $240 million (i.e valuation to $15 billion) or Mark Zuckerberg rejecting $1 billion from Yahoo was Facebook's biggest success story, then probably you are missing the point that success is never measured today, but reaped tomorrow.Facebook-TC

In my opinion, Facebook's biggest success story to date is TechCrunch and other technology sites that can't stop talking about Facebook and what's happening with Facebook. And I specifically mention TechCrunch is because it is "the big" tech blog of today. TechCrunch is #3 at technorati, #1 at Techmeme and probably the biggest tech site read by non-techies. I have immense respect for Michael Arrington and I'm not saying that they are biased for Facebook. Its just that Facebook seems to have gathered so much momentum and respect from everyone around, that TechCrunch ought to cover it as much as possible. Just to give you a hint on how much of Facebook features on TechCrunch, write "Facebook" on the search posts field and see the results for yourself.

Facebook is a big social networking website and a fast growing one as well. But like every other fast growing business, it has to focus on a larger market to keep up its growth rate. Nearly everyone would agree that publicity plays a big role in reaching a larger audience. Facebook's publicity through TechCrunch's genuine posts easily catches the eye. Every word about Facebook somehow plays a role in the publicity of Facebook and this is one reason why Facebook will continue to grow in the future.

One popular marketing mantra, "What you show is what sells", is very true in Facebook's glory. Social networking websites are hangouts for friends and what better way to reach the hangout than taking a lift in your friend's car to this new hangout. TechCrunch in many ways is like a friend to its reader base. When the reader gets his daily dose of Facebook as the place to hangout, your next job is to go chill out at Facebook, just like your friend advised. Be it negative or positive comments, it definitely sparks a curiosity in the reader's mind. And this curiosity is what will drive Facebook to grow in the future.

So don't be shocked if you see a story about Facebook being valued at some $25 billion. It's just because we all love to talk about the big things in life and with that they only seem to get bigger!!

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