Sunday, November 11, 2007

Crysis Leaked!! Tread With Caution

The word has spread like wild fire on the internet that the highly anticipated game, Crysis has been leaked on to the torrent sites. Crysis is probably "the game"crysis_overview to be played this year and everyone have been sitting waiting for the game. And finally when there was only a week left, some notorious guys have leaked it off to the internet. This is really bad news for EA, since people who even had intentions to buy the original, won't be able to hold their patience anymore and download the game.

But I would suggest some caution to all the super-excited gamers, not to download any torrent with the alphabets C, R, Y, S, I, S. They should probably look at comments and also think if its the final version or some lame beta/alpha testers had received. And if EA has the final version, they should package it quickly, work night-out and send it to the shops by tomorrow. That would mean, the people who don't want to download 6GB, would go to the shops and get it first!!

Also, with the cracks not out yet, you never know who bundles the Trojan or Virus with the crack. Why do you as gamers expect the malicious crackers to crack his head without cracking your computer first!!?? So, don't rush mate.. Take your time and get the real package on the shelves... I mean who wouldn't want the manual for this all-time collectible ;-)

Update (18:00hrs GMT): Since, I talked about Dx10, the screenshots here are some food for thought comparing Dx10 Vs Dx9... I'm wondering if I like the Dx9 output??


Anonymous said...

pffft. razor1911 outed this game and a working crack. Don't be dumb. Quality scene groups take pride in their cracks and don't include bullshit Trojans and the like. And since releases all come with SFVs its not hard to check your files and make sure you are getting them as they where originally released ensuring no one has tampered with them in the interm. Furthermore if you are running a decent suite of AV/AS like NOD32 its a non-issue. Now go out and get your free game folks!

Anonymous said...

no way theres viruses with the crack, these people are respected and if they release such shit then theyd only be doing themselves damage.
go get crysis now, youve waited long enough and sat through deleyd release dates.

Saptarshi Purkayastha said...

I'm not saying every crack out there has a virus... Just that there is one crack for Crysis with virus and I'm telling people to download the torrent after looking at the comments from other peers!!