Thursday, November 22, 2007

Use Office 2007 Online For Free

If you thought you had enough of the world moving online and everyone forgetting the desktop forever... THINK AGAIN. Google's promised its going to eventually have the OS and apps online and thats where your computer is going to be.

If Google Apps, Zoho weren't enough to convince you about the online office suite move, Sabeer Bhatia, the man behind creating "Hotmail" and selling it to Microsoft, has developed another web app. This time its to take your Office 2007 suite online and that too for free. The name as Microsoftish as it may sound is not a Microsoft product and is called "Live-Documents". Its still an invite-only process and you can go to to register yourself for an invitation.


If the statistics are correct Microsoft hasn't seen any decrease in its sales for the Office suite and people still haven't completely moved online for their work. So, I'm unsure of whether Sabeer Bhatia has thought enough on the success rate of this venture. May be he'll be pitching another one for a Microsoft sale with this one, but he'll also be tense, since he hasn't got much success in his ventures after Hotmail. Just for the record, if after using live-documents, you start liking the product, don't laud Microsoft about it. The product is actually developed by a Bangalore, India based company called Instacoll.

The good about this whole thing is that when you don't have Office 2007 installed and you want to edit the .docx file, you don't have to kill yourself for thinking everyone is up-to-date. You just have to find an internet connection and login. Open your .docx and have fun!! We'll find out more when it's out of the invitation beta!!

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