Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Firefox Update Screws Images

Update: Mozilla will release a new version of Firefox v2.0.0.11 with the fix for this bug today...

A recent update from Firefox,(v. seems to have screwed some sites because of a bug in the Javascript implementation. The bug seems to have affected sites that use the Javascript method canvas.drawImage(). The bug report can be found at: Bugzilla@Mozilla – Bug 405584

The method is popularly used to represent vector images into HTML using Javascript and hence the extent in which the bug affects websites could be pretty huge. But just to show the speed of bug fixing from the developers, a fixed build is already available at mozilla FTP. You can download the newer build which has the fix from: (Windows) and (Linux)

Firefox seems to auto-update these days and asks the user to restart firefox for installing the update. Hence, I'm expecting quite a few number of users who have got the bug in firefox. Google Maps is one website that seemed to use the method as well, but I guess they have found a nice workaround the bug.

The bug can be reproduced by going to the site:

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