Monday, November 5, 2007

Microsoft's Animated Search MSDewey is Fun!

Microsoft is not very well known for doing different things and more so not for less publicity... But here is one thing I found out, thanks to called "MsDewey" that is microsoft, but yet hasn't been publicised... Infact the thing was launched way back in October 2006, a year back and nearly everyone I asked hadn't heard about it!!

MsDewey is a funny women who talks and emotes quite a lot of stuff depending on what you are searching. Basically it's meant to be a search engine, based on Microsoft's Live Search, but I don't look at it as search. Its more like an interactive UI that is more of a keyword test for Microsoft. Go here( and have some fun listening & watching Ms.Dewey do all her drama!!

Featuring as Ms.Dewey is Janina Gavankar who does different kinds of short behaviors whenever you search for sometime, or if you ain't doing anything, she'll tell you what you should be doing!! :)) The search results are cornered to a small section of the screen, and really it's not about search as much as its about the character!!

And if you just wanna watch all the kinds of things that Ms.Dewey can do, then keep clicking "Best Of Dewey" button and have fun!! Its definitely a better way to "feel lucky"!!

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