Sunday, November 4, 2007

Tips For Programmers To Save You From Death ;-)

You generally do not associate life-threatening situations due to a job with programming. But last week, I realized programming can be really stressful and if the stress isn't reduced, your physical existence is in question!! That is the reason why I haven't been able to write a blog post for the past week or so... Death is an exaggeration here ;-), but then it could be painful!!

Programming is about finding solutions and sometime it takes longer that you thought. Don't get stressed out. Plan for these mishaps before jumping into the project!!

5 Tips To Relieve You From Stress

1.) Sleep: In My Opinion this is the best stress reliever... or atleast it's been in my case. I had been working about 18 hrs a day with sleepless nights at times. It all took its toll and now I realize there's nothing more important than sleep... The IDE, Programming Language, The Solutions, The Algorithm, The Project Design etc... are all secondary when you compare it to your sleep!!

2.) Take Enough Breaks: Getting off your seat often is quite a nice thing to do... Don't think you'll loose the idea that was coming to you. Your subconscious mind is still thinking on the problem and when you come back to your seat, you'll implement it!!

3.) Skip Coffee At Times: Coffee can be your best friend when you are feeling a little tired. But the habit of coffee is another reason that can make you feel ill. Skip coffee, and be careful that you don't make it a routine to drink coffee when tired!!

4.) Workout: Give time to your body as much as you give to your mind... I have realized this quite late I guess, after I put on some 10 kgs in the last 4 months!! Now I know, just walking reduces all the stress and also the weight!! ;-)

5.) Vacations, Movies, Friends & Dance: These are extremely important for being a good programmer. Go on vacations, watch movies and talk to friends about life and not programming. I love dancing, so turn on the music and burn those extra ounces. Do anything that you love to do other than what caused you the stress!

I'm not an expert on stress management. Infact, I never knew programming was stressful. But it's my personal experience/doctors from the last few days and I thought I'd pass it on to other friends I know from my field...

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