Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Asus Doesn't Think India As A Market

While I was reading this interview at the Inquirer, I couldn't stop thinking of Asus' state of affairs here in India. The interview is with Asustek President, Jerry Shen.

Asus has no doubt been an excellent company in terms to product innovation and business growth, but there are few questions about its service to customers. Jerry Shen being outspoken doesn't bother to mince his words about other companies like Nvidia or AMD. But when he talks about those points, I think he forgets that atleast in India (and the reactions on Inq tells more) the service for Asus products hasn't been anywhere close to even "Satisfactory".

The customer troubles can be read at different forums like, etc. But if anyone is expecting any improvements in the service then read the interview again!! Jerry Shen mentions only about US, Europe and to some extent Japan and China as his markets. Although the Indian PC market is growing enormously, Asus seems to have completely ignored India as well as other Asian markets. Maybe he mentions, high-end to be his interest and India is not a high-end market. But then it somehow reflects the ignored state of Asus products and service in India.

Even after all that, Asus has the largest market share of motherboards in India. The products that Asus has in the market are wonderful and top-notch, but I wish, they didn't completely alienate the Indian consumer...

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Mike Reynolds said...

Hopefully Asustek will keep their eyes open and will see that their ASUS Eee PC is really a breakthrough product. I read an analyst's report saying that the target for the Asus Eee PC is really the "second billion".

They should also think about minor customizations on a country level. I'm sure there might be a tool or website selection that could make the ASUS Eee PC more popular once it launches in India.