Friday, October 19, 2007

Doesn't Make Any Sense To Sell Audio On USB

Just read an article on DailyTech, that Universal Music will be selling Audio on USB drives instead of CDs. It would cost $10 to buy a single on a USB drive. I'm wondering what would be the size of these USB drives and what would be the size of the audio song...

I think there is some kind of a mistake here, since having a single on a USB drive doesn't add up to the logic of digital being small. People download mp3 and use an portable audio player with it. If you want to buy 10 popular single, you would have to carry 10 USB drives. Does it make any sense?? May be they will sell an entire album on the 512 Mb USB drive... Even then why would I not buy mp3 from iTunes at $0.99 and then load them on my iPod/any mp3 player...

The article quotes, Universal UK’s commercial director Brian Rose told The Times Online UK that, “This is aimed at the younger, 12 to 24 year olds, who no longer believe that the CD is as cool as it used to be.” Many music fans in that age group won’t be swayed to a new digital format that is more expensive and less convenient than a digital download.

Who believes that carrying a lot of luggage is cool??... and spending more money is also not cool!! Atleast not as cool as the new iPod Touch or DRM-free music from iTunes!!

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