Sunday, October 21, 2007

82% of iPhone Customers Are Very Satisfied

Although the "so called geeks" have been bashing the iPhone for not having some feature or the other, people who have bought the iPhone are very satisfied with the product.

I quote from ChangeWave's website, "According to ChangeWave’s latest consumer cell phone survey, completed Oct. 2, 2007, the Apple (AAPL) iPhone has continued to enjoy solid growth while racing to a huge lead in terms of customer satisfaction."

The report mentions that 82% of all the iPhone customers surveyed replied "very satisfied" with the product. For the owners of the iPhone, obviously the looks, interface and usability is what matters more than the 3rd party applications. A lot of iPhone users I know, think that iPhone already comes in with quite a lot of applications and others who want to install 3rd party apps don't mind using jailbreak.

Although the sample size of the survey is 3,654, my personal acquaintance of iPhone users tells me that they are truly a satisfied lot. Also the report mentions about the increase in the share price of Apple after the launch of the iPhone. Thus, Apple has not just satisfied its customers with the iPhone, but also helped make itself some money as well as made its shareholders satisfied!!

Another significant success story of the iPhone is how its captured the market share very quickly. It now stands at 2% of all the cellphones sold in the last 3 months. And the loser in Apple's gain is Motorola. Although Motorola still has the largest US market share, its dropped to 30% from 31% in July 2007.

This is great news for Steve Jobs and his team at Apple, who might have imagined such success after the hype that they created for the product before launch.

Original Report Release: ChangeWave

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