Wednesday, October 17, 2007

2 Million Quad Core CPUs sold by Intel in Q3 '07

I'm wondering if AMD is even in the CPU competition these days? Intel just annaounced at its IDF (Intel Developer Forum) in Taiwan that it has sold 2 million chips with 4 cores!! AMD just launched Barcelona, its 4-core CPU and AMD is having problems producing enough of them. The channel does not have enough of these CPUs and only the tier I manufacturer have some of these.

2 million of these quad-cores does mean a lot of money and margin for Intel. This all goes to show that even if the quad-cores aren't native (as AMD says not real quad cores), people are buying them in numbers and Intel is earning quite a lot of profit. Infact, Intel is so confident that it says in 2008 its going to increase the cost of Core 2 Extreme processors by as much as 50%.

The 2 Million CPUs are not just desktop ones, but includes Xeon, Core 2 Quad and Extreme CPUs. Intel actually has 20 different versions of quad-core CPUs in the market at the moment. But it's still quite an achievement and we need to look at the dollar figures in the Q3 earnings. which is at a 43% increase...

AMD currently doesn't seem to be in the race and as Intel's earning all the bucks, I'm sure its preparing itself to hit the final nail on the AMD's coffin with Nehelam. Good luck AMD, coz it seems you really do need a lot of luck!!

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