Sunday, October 14, 2007

Show Latest Blog Updates On Your Orkut Profile

Like most online Indians, I am also an Orkut user and have my share of social networking world. About a month or two back, Orkut updated its design and brought RSS feeds to follow the scrapbook and profile updates of orkut friends. They also started showing updates that friends make to their profile on the homepage.

Hmmm... nice features to keep track of what's happening to friends/psuedo-friends. I was interested in showing my orkut friends, the updates that I make on my blog. I wrote an RSS reader and autoupdater software that would do that for me.

But the worst thing was later discovered. I found out that orkut's webpage textfield only allowed max 61 chars... What crap!! This is surely a bug that orkut's webpage textfield has... Im sure they need to increase the maxlength for that field. There are a lot of pages that are more than 61 chars in length. Infact, all the permalinks from my blog posts were more than 61 chars

I think orkut should increase the size of the textfield. And allow use to display the updates using some RSS reader, or even better integrate Google Reader with Orkut!! Yeah...some Web 2.0!! :((

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