Friday, October 12, 2007

Unreal Tournament III Demo Leaked & Benchmarked

The much anticipated and highly delayed game Unreal Tournament 2007, now called Unreal Tournament III had a demo which was finally leaked and people got to play it... Not just play it, but the guys from PCPerspective benchmarked it as well!!

Just for history sakes, the game was showed at E3 2004 by the publisher's Epic Games. Later it was again demo'd at E3 2005. Most people expected that the game would be released sometime before the end of 2006, but it's still not out. part of the delay can be attributed to the new Unreal III Engine, which is used by the game. The Unreal III Engine is said to have the best pixel rendering and it seems there will be many more hit games using this engine.

The leaked downloads seem to be extremely slow.. Good luck to all you eager fellas!!

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