Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Another Ad Program To Monetize Your Blog

As much as I hate, blogging about blogging, this post is very much going to be that. I have a few friends who also have blogs and they monetize their blogs in different ways. This post may be useful to them, since I haven't heard much info around, about this new Ad Publisher Network called "ShoppingAds".

ShoppingAds comes from the same team thats behind AuctionAds. But the vital difference between the two products is that ShoppingAds is based on CPC and CTR, which means as a publisher you get paid for clicks and impressions. AuctionAds is basically an eBay Affiliate and it helps show auctions as ads onm your website.

Just recently I read here, how CPC ads earn 50 times more than Affiliate (CPA). So may be the guys at AuctionAds have understood what the publishers are looking for and they are testing this new CPC & CTR ad programme. is currently undergoing a private beta, which shows that they are still trying to understand where the money can come from. Patrick Gavin, president of AuctionAds recently mentioned that the click-through rates for CPC ads have double in the last few days and this means they are beginning to realize the success in this kindof advertising.

ShoppingAds is currently showing ads from Amazon, Dealtime and other big online retailers. It should be interesting to see if after the not-so-successful AuctionAds, will the guys at MediaWhiz make a winner!!

Only time will tell, but the business of ads is as much technical as its marketing. Along with marketing you require good technology to monitor users, calculate revenue and target ads!!

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