Tuesday, October 9, 2007

AMD Joins Eclipse Foundation

We do use a lot of different IDEs within our organization and like I mentioned earlier in my Visual Studio 2008 vs netBeans comparison, I'm not an IDE fanatic... Eclipse is a very popular IDE that we use in our organization. So, have a few friends at Eclipse.

Just heard that AMD will be joining hands with Eclipse's team. AMD has recently given support to a few software projects and openSuSE seems to be one of them. Eclipse leaders will be announcing this new friendship with AMD at the Eclipse Summit Europe.

The exact details of what interest AMD has in Eclipse is yet to be understood, but may be we'll have some announcement at the summit on what the exact collaboration is all about. Will there be any money exchanged... is also another question?? Eclipse is not just an IDE, but also popular as a platform on which other companies have made different tools. BEA and IBM quickly come to mind, when talking of using Eclipse as a platform to make developer tools!!

Let's wait and see what AMD gets from this partnership!! May be some compiler advantage or plugin for AMD's processors in store... Or just some community goodwill

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