Friday, November 16, 2007

Samsung Beats Dell In LCD Sales

Guest Blogger: Steven Parker
16th Nov, New York

Based on the results from DigiSales for 3Q'07, Samsung beats Dell to sell the highest number of LCDs worldwide. Dell has been on the top of the list from Q4 '01 and this is the first time that Dell has been moved from its top position in the last 6 years.

Dell was the leader in the transition from the CRT to LCD in computers and had enjoyed great success in marketing its LCDs not just to consumers but other OEMs as well. The re-emergence of stand-alone monitor brand Samsung as the worldwide leader in LCD monitor shipments shows that the market is again in a new upgrade cycle for displays alone.

This is another failure story that has been lingering Dell for the past couple of years in its PC business. HP has won the race in the sales for PC over Dell and now its bad news for its LCD business.

DellLoss1 DellLoss2

You can read the entire report with response from the companies here at DigiTimes.

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