Thursday, February 7, 2008

Microsoft Wants Testers For Games

Microsoft is announcing to its current group of testers on Microsoft Connect that it wants people who will be able to test games from Microsoft Games Studio. And they are not just wanting hardcore gamers, but everyone and anyone who is interested in gaming. Microsoft Games Studio is looking for testers on a wide variety of plaforms like XBox 360, PC, Zunes and even mobile phones.


Microsoft's email states:

Dear Microsoft Game Studios Beta Tester,
We are gearing up for a year of great betas. To prepare for these upcoming betas we have a new survey on the beta website. Please follow this link to access the new survey: Survey. We will be using this new survey to select participants for our betas. If you do not complete this new survey, you will not be able to participate! But don't worry, the survey is quick and painless.

Remember, we are always looking for all types of game players. Whether you play once a year or every day, whether you pre-order the latest consoles or wouldn't think of paying for a game - we want feedback from you! If you know of someone who would be interested in participating in the Microsoft Game Studios Beta program, please feel free to forward this mail or direct them to:

Questions? Please contact: Microsoft Games Studios Beta Program Administrator

This is an opporunity for a lot of people who like playing games and want to make some contribution by giving their views to games in the future from Microsoft. It will also give a sneek peek on Microsoft Games. Good for guys who have a XBOX 360 Live account!!

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