Friday, February 8, 2008

Yahoo Launches Web Streaming Service

Yahoo amidst making a decision to sell itself or save itself launched a live video streaming service for users called Yahoo Live. It is similar to other live video YLiveblogging websites like and Blogtv. Its like you broadcast your own live tv channel. Registered users create these channels and allow people to see what they are doing.

The service is still very much in its infancy and has been down at times. Since the website is already telling that there are 2134+ people watching 89+ live channels, its understood that there is quite a bit of load on it very quickly.

And that may be the reason yahoo hasn't made much fanfare about the launch of this service. Bradley Horowitz, who is the head of Technology Development Group At Yahoo just mentions a single line on his blog.


Yahoo Live also has put up an API where users can use the service and get content out on other places. The Yahoo Developer Blog talks more about the API and lists the following as some of the API features:

  • Find out who's broadcasting right now
  • Get data about past broadcasts
  • See snapshots of past broadcasts
  • Embed live video in your blog or web page

You can also have a look at the API Docs and there is an example of how you can use it.

Microsoft's web strategy is called Live. Everything it integrates with the OS is called Live like Live Maps, Windows Live Writer, (Search) etc... Is this the omen of a Microsoft acquisition being successful and Yahoo becoming a service from Microsoft ?? Yahoo Live atleast sounds like it is!!

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