Sunday, February 3, 2008

AMD gives unreleased Opteron 2352 to Isohunt (P2P servers)

AMD is about to release its bug-free quad-core processors in a few days and has been providing these unreleased processors to a few people for testing. Among the people who received these is is thanking AMD for providing it with pre-released processors for testing and has "2 pre-production engineering samples" of the Opteron 2352.

Isohunt is supposed to have installed these processors on their primary database servers and have been running them without any problems. The TLB bug which affected the previous Opteron 2350 has been a major headache for AMD and thus has caused delays in production of these chips. The Opteron 2352 runs at 2.1Ghz and has an L2 cache of 2MB.

Isohunt has been on the target of a lot of piracy talk and MPAA and RIAA have already tried their FUD stunts with these guys. Isohunt is a very busy P2P site with a lot of traffic on its torrent trackers. Thus, it seems like a nice place to test your processors in the real-world applications. AMD has given its processors to a nice place and hopefully AMD will work faster in the future.

A yahoo store is selling it at $650 at the moment (but I'm wondering how??)

The CPU Specs as listed by is as below:

Processor: 0
Vendor_id: AuthenticAMD
CPU family: 16
Model: 2
Model name: Quad-Core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 2352
Stepping: 2
CPU Mhz: 2100.089
Cache size: 512 KB
Physical id: 0
Siblings: 4
Core id: 0
CPU Cores: 4
FPU: yes
FPU_execution: yes
CPUid level: 5
wp: yes
Flags: fpu, vme, de, pse, tsc, msr, pae, mce, cx8, apic, sep, mtrr, pge, mca, cmov, pat, pse36, clflush, mmx, fxsr, sse, sse2, ht, syscall, nx, mmxext, fxsr_opt, rdtscp, lm, 3dnowext, 3dnow, constant_tsc, pni, monitor, cx16, lahf_lm, cmp_legacy, svm, cr8_legacy
Bogomips: 4209.90
TLB size 1024 4K pages
Clflush size: 64
Cache_alignment: 64
Address sizes: 48 bits physical, 48 bits virtual
Power management: ts ttp tm stc [6] [7] [8]


Anonymous said... is a very good P2P site and they had recently talked about only linking non-pirated content. But good work from AMD...

Fred Chang said...

I think the yahoo store you have mentioned is fake since AMD hasn't started shipping these chips in quantities...

AMD has been giving chips to lots of torrent sites, but has kepy a hush-hush on the topic because of some liability issues in torrent sites. Isohunt was frank enough to make it public!!