Sunday, February 3, 2008

Opera is truly everywhere

One important requirement in today's fast moving world is staying connected. The internet is what we today understand as the connected world and its the web-browser that is the door to connect to the internet. So, when I heard about the world's first WiMax enabled gaming device, I was anxious to know what  browser it is running. And I found out that Opera delivers the Web on world's first mobile WiMax gaming device...


The POSBRO G100 is advertised as the world's first mobile WiMax gaming device and comes with Opera installed. The G100 will start selling in Korea sometime by Q2 of this year, and is supposed to hit the US market between Q4 '08 and Q1 2009. WiMax hasn't been picked up very well and its not got very popular. Intel has been behind it for sometime now and after all the hype that was created, it tough to find WiMax networks around the globe. Intel also hasn't been able to sell its single chip solutions which was expected to be shipping with most of the Intel notebook motherboards by 2008.

Anyway, the Opera 9.5 SDK was used to deliver the browsing experience on the G100 and it just goes to show how well Opera seems to be doing with its browser in the devices market. Opera has recently been concentrating a lot on its mobile and mini browser and its popularly as "the mobile browser" is increasing by the day. Opera has also been recently opening new offices around the world and expanding its business across the globe. With the help of the Opera SDK for devices, Opera can be created on a lot of devices like car navigation systems, GPS devices, TV, set-top boxes and a host of other devices.

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