Saturday, February 9, 2008

Google Reader Has Slowed Down

I love using Google Reader. I think its one of the best RSS aggregator service out there and its got a pretty good interface. But lately I have seen it slow down quite a bit. Earlier I used Google Reader to get updates from my favourite websites, but now its as slow as 6 hrs to show the update. So, is better to go to my favourite site and get the update by manually looking through it.

And this slow down is not just experienced by me. I found out this blog, and he seems to have the same problem of slow updates to Google Reader. Before I read that blog, I was thinking that the feeds on the site wasn't updating itself as fast as Google Reader may be looking through them, but then I realized its not that. I also use Live Feeds in Mozilla or MyBlogLog or Techmeme and they seem to update it in a few minutes time. So, its a definite problem with Google Reader.

Something similar was experience a few months back with which was not able to display the updates to a blog in time. They faced a lot of criticism from the blogosphere then. The developers from Wordpress even replaced their updates and incoming links on the dashboard from technorati to Google Blogsearch back then. Google's indexing through blogsearch is pretty fast and obviously they have the resources to fix this problem, but I think such things should not even happen at Google. And the biggest surprise to me is that even with so many tech bloggers using Google Reader as a service, not many people are talking about it!!

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