Friday, February 1, 2008

Detailed Images - Find the Undersea Cable that affected 75million netizens

Its been 3 days since the undersea cable between India and Middle East got cut by a ship and according to some analysts about 75 million people got affected by the cable cut. The internet speeds across India and the Middle East was slow, but I personally haven't observed any speed drops on my connection. May be the global torrents have slowed down, but downloads from http/ftp and surfing speeds have been unaffected.

A Detailed Image of Undersea Internet Cables (courtesy Guardian & Telegeography: click for a larger image)


A gist of what everyone's reporting:

The Inquirer - Middle East loses internet

DailyTech - No YouTube for You

Reuters - Internet disrupted in Egypt and India - Internet Down

The latest reports suggest that there has been a third cable cut in the Middle-East known as the Falcon. But this won't affect the current traffic which is now being temporarily redirected through the older SeaMeWe-3 cable.


Arun said...

Hey Sunny,
It is quite surprising that your speeds are unaffected...Here in Pune I have having tremendous speed problems..

You seem to be lucky ones...

Anil said...

Nice Images and useful info. Reliance, VSNL and Airtel have re-routed most traffic, so everyone should back to their original speeds by now. The ping have certainly dropped, but speeds have gone back to normal.

Anonymous said...

Very good maps... now we know where the cables got cut..