Thursday, February 7, 2008

Google Docs Brings Form Filling

Google FormsHow many times have been online and want to ask friends, students, visitors, clients to fill out forms to get feedback?? I'm sure its a common thing to get feedback from people using forms. Google docs has released a new feature that enables users to create forms and share these forms on any webpage. You don't need to setup a database or code any form webpage. Just create the form in Google docs and share it on your page.

The big idea here is to simplify the creation of forms and collecting information instead of passing the spreadsheet across. The responses that the users give on the forms are automatically updated on your spreadsheet. There is also a Google docs iGoogle Gadget that can be used to display your recent active forms and also the responses that you have received.

After all the feedback you have received all you have to do click on the "Add Chart" button to create good look diagrams to represent the data you have collected. Nice fun to do things fast!!

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