Thursday, August 30, 2007

Nokia copies Apple with a iPhone clone

A lot of people among us use Nokia phones and some love it, some hate it. On the other hand, we have Apple, whose products create a lot of drool, but dont sell enough. And that's what happened with Apple's cell phone product. iPhone was supposed to bring a revolution to the cell phone world, but its price is a little too high compared to the features its got.

But amazingly, innovation has always seemed to come from Apple rather than those guys who have got a larger market share like Microsoft (Vista Vs OSX), Sony (Discman Vs iPod) and now in cell phones Nokia copies Apple's innovation.

Nokia today demo'd something called "The Experience Suite". A touchscreen UI which somehow resembles iPhone's UI in its size for buttons. You remember how Steve Jobs didn't like using the stylus, now I guess even Nokia has begun hating the stylus.

The Experience Suite from Nokia is a set of floating panes that can be shuffled using your thumb, just like Le Chiffre from Casino Royale moves the casino coins. After you shuffle the panes, you can see different screens and play with them however you want. So you can say goodbye to your joysticks, and say HI to your thumb.

Also, we'll soon find that Nokia is gonna have an iTunes clone, but I'll talk about it sometime later, may be after I buy my first song from iTunes (I hate DRM)... But you'll find "The Experience Suite" in Nokia N81 and a special N95 to be released sometime at year end. Hoping to play with these copycats sometime soon!!