Thursday, September 19, 2013

Excellent service for monitoring servers using Nagios - Monguru

I’ve been looking for ways to monitor servers for sometime. Most services charge way too much to automate monitoring multiple server. One could do it nicely with a second server running Nagios, and a shared Nagios could be used by many people. The guys at Monguru have just done that. If you are into running web servers, you should definitely have heard of Nagios.
The documentation is scant and the installation scripts are distributed across different wiki pages, blog posts etc. Basically to get this working, your server needs to run an SNMP agent that can be polled by Nagios and you have to register at Monguru. They provide you a login to their shared Nagios instance and you can add your server to that instance for free. The dashboard is simplistic and config files are uploaded through a very simple interface. Anyways, what you should do to get your server monitored, is to download the script
$ wget
$ chmod +x
$ sudo ./
Then, follow the steps mentioned… like naming your server. The script downloads all the SNMP config files that are needed. It downloads python scripts that will create a username, password that you need to remember. It will create an instance in your monguru website as well that you can use for Twitter notifications or git integration of your config files… It is pretty simple, but cool stuff!!

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