Wednesday, May 28, 2008

OpenMRS Registration Module Begins

The Google Summer of Code 2008 timeline shows that we start coding from 26th May and I've already started coding. Before the coding there was thislogo "Community Bonding Period", and I'm not sure if I've done bonding with my community members, but sure I've been talking with my mentor Brian... and he's really a cool guy! We talked a lot about technical as well as personal stuff. He invited me to this house virtually through Google Street View and it was really nice talking to him. I bonded with him well !!

In the meantime, I have been pondering and working on the ideas for the OpenMRS Registration Module.  My Introductory post on OpenMRS showed a lot of interest from friends and got a lot of questions from colleagues. Thanks to r0bby, who told me on the IRC about SoC and talked about contributing to OpenMRS.

The work on the Registration Module has begun and I created the Registration Module documentation page. It is still incomplete on the UML diagrams, but is good enough to show the workflow through the Use-case. Brian and I have also worked on my project plan and have made a timeline that I need to follow. The timeline is a good motivator and will be putting that up on the project page as well. OpenMRS and open-source developers in general, advocate the idea of quick and early commits. OpenMRS shares the Story of FLOSS to make this idea stand out. I'm still trying to get into this mould of development, coz I mainly advocate the planning/design approach. You take twice as much time to design compared to code, but I need to get agile and work on the Bazaar way of open-source. More eyes... More interest and faster working deliverable!!

With this in mind, I tried to commit the basic module changed to registration module, but it gives me a 403 error:

Error: CHECKOUT of '/!svn/ver/4193/openmrs-modules/registration': 403 Forbidden (

I can login through the trac web page. So probably some issue with either my SVN client (TortoiseSVN) settings... or something on the SVN server side!!

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