Friday, May 30, 2008

Barcode Scanner for OpenMRS

The work on the OpenMRS module continues and I have just got a little more excited because of the barcode scanner that I just purchased. The Barcode Scanner is required to test the working of the module, which will be able to identify patients based on barcodes present on patient identity cards. The Barcodes will help solve problems where patients don't give correct information leading to duplicate records for the same patient.

The Barcode Scanner that I purchased is Argox AS-8000, near-range CCD scanner. Detailed specification on the product can be found here. I tested the scanner and it was able to detect a variety of barcodes. Its a low-end CCD scanner, but it detected nearly every thing I put in front of it. Even round jars and bottle!! Brian advised me not to spend much and hence I brought this open-box one. So was in a hurry to test, coz they have just 3-day testing warranty on these stuff.

Screenshots of the Barcode Scanner:



The Barcode Scanner works just like a keyboard and when scanning, the OS feels someone typed in from the keyboard. The scanner works on the PS/2 port of the keyboard and not on the PS/2 port of the mouse. My keyboard is connected to the PS/2 port and hence probably I'll buy a USB converter which will enable me to connect the scanner to the USB port. The Barcode Scanner won't be required by me until I reach the end of the search routines of the registration module... I'm still stuck on getting multiple patients from a search query!!


Robert O'Connor said...

makes me jealous :) I likey!

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