Friday, May 23, 2008

Intel to Own Hard-disks in Centrino 2

Intel has been on a war to conquer every PC component. And as the war wages ahead, Intel is going ahead to capture the hard-disks in laptops through the intel_logo Centrino 2 branding. Intel will be adding SSD drives to the list of requirements to make a laptop have the Centrino 2 logo. Intel has recently uncovered gold in manufacturing and this seems to be a logical steps towards increasing demand for these drives.

Intel's Centrino has been the most successful PC branding and its synonymous with laptops with Wifi. If Intel Inside brought processors to the limelight, Centrino made Wifi and Wireless Internet a necessity inside laptops. Intel has plans to do something similar with SSD (Solid State Drives) in laptops.  Intel High Performance SSD is mainly targeted towards enterprise, mid-range and high-end notebook markets. Intel High Performance SSDs come in 2 variations - Client X25-M (2.5 inch) and Client X18-M (1.8 inch). Both the SSD drives will come in 80Gb sizes and will have the SATA interface. By the end of the year, Intel will be selling 160Gb SSDs and 250GB in 2009.

If you think that Intel SSDs is only good for Intel, then its an incorrect notion. Intel SSDs are the best performing SSD in the market and come at excellent sizes. Intel is also pricing these pretty competitively. The SSDs also require less power compared to normal hard-disk drives and this means that the battery life of such devices are higher. These laptops will also feel lighter and perform equivalently or better in most conditions.

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