Saturday, March 22, 2008

Is KB950627 News For You ??

I was just looking at my favorite news aggregator, Techmeme when I saw a news link ==> Microsoft Security Advisory (950627) for Microsoft Word. And I asked myself, does Techmeme always show every of these vulnerability messages?? Coz I never thought these to be " tech news" in the real sense unless they were really something serious and has already caused havoc around the world.

If you look at the vulnerability being talked about, you'll realize that similar vulnerabilities have existed previously without much wide-spread exploit. And not just for Microsoft products, but a lot of other products and OS. Infact these "zero-day" exploits are pretty much available for someone who can find exploits in every OS, software and quite a few other things in life :))

But the problem I think here is that Microsoft is always the favorite target of journalists and media people. It also happens to be the favorite punch-bag for a lot of tech evangelists. There are lots of other "real news" that can be aggregated or linked by popular sites. Or is it just a flaw with algorithmic aggregators, where links are all that matters and not the content or significance??

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