Friday, March 21, 2008

Firefox 3 Beta 5 Out. Last One Before the Final

The Mozilla team has code frozen and baked (some irony: frozen-baked) Firefox 3 and according to talks, it as stable as anything out there. Mozilla says Firefox 3 is ready for prime time and the last beta is out for download. Get it from here.

The entire thing from now on can be watched and tracked here for all the interested people. Firefox 3 is really doing pretty well in terms of stability and there are really very few major bugs left to iron out. If everything goes fine then on 27th March we can have the final of Firefox 3 hit the web.

Its still called Minefield, as you can see from the icon I've put up. But I haven't stepped on a mine yet and it seems good to go !!

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Anonymous said...

It's not irony silly it's an oxymoron.