Monday, March 17, 2008

Blog About netBeans 6.1 Beta And Win !!

The netBeans project is in beta with version 6.1 in the making and in a bid to encourage more people to talk about it they have released a contest. Its called the "NetBeans IDE 6.1 Beta Blogging Contest", where you have to download the beta, write a blog post and submit it. If you are among the chosen 10, then you 61blog-contest-logo-trans win $500 or 100 others win T-Shirts.

The contest is a nice idea to create buzz about the IDE. netBeans is really shaping up to be the all-rounder in terms of IDEs and with so many plugins, it is a good IDE. A nice mouth-to-mouth publicity by announcing this blogging contest. If you are a good blogger, use netBeans, like its features and want to spread the word, then blog about it. You may just win some goodies... But the last date for submitting your URL is April 18, 2008.

I have blogged about netBeans 6 earlier and may be I'll enter this contest as well. Its never enough to talk about things you like and it may just be worth it!!

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