Friday, March 14, 2008

Google Space - Please Point-out the Aliens??

Google launched a new webpage called Google Sky, to do some space watching (Shouldn't it be called Google Space ?). Earlier Google Sky was part of the desktop application of Google Earth, but now with the efforts of Diego Gavinowich and other Google developers, Google Sky has been brought to the webpages.


Just like Google Earth and Maps, Google Sky's interface is the same zoom, move around. But Google Sky has got Infrared, Microwave, and Historical viewing options. Nice to look through those different views. Other things include images from Hubble, Chandra, Galex, Spitzer. Really nice images if you like astronomy and sky watching like me. Google Sky can also be used as an educational tool by school professors to explain the Solar system, which is shown through another section of Google Sky.

Now if only some one can make a thing like, where users can create there own listings on Google Earth images. Wikimapia really helps find places around a place with users labelling the places. I really want someone to show me where the aliens live. Then, I can keep looking at those planetary bodies and announce whenever an alien ship sets sail for Earth!! And as for other places around Earth, I've tried looking at Mars & Moon, but couldn't find aliens there :(

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