Saturday, September 1, 2007

How Sun Microsystems Becomes Java Centric

We all know how popular Java has become. How everywhere Java is used. Just like its motto, "Write Once Run Anywhere", Java has run everywhere from small JavaCards to big data centers. Java is truly everywhere. Probably no other recent programming language (forget C/C++) enjoys the popularity like Java. May be that's the reason recently Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz thought of changing the stock ticker of Sun to JAVA

Seems so odd for a company that makes no money from Java (or at least they say so...), change its market symbol to Java. Sun earns most of its revenue from SPARC servers and now Opteron Servers and Solaris boxes. So should it be called SPRC or SOLS?? But that just shows you how much Sun Microsystems is associated with Java and what the Java brand means.

A recent post at Jonathan's blog pastes an email from James Gosling (he's a really nice guy... he gave a lot of encouragement when I was designing a VM for a Hitachi controller). Its an interesting read about how the Java name was selected... and also would bookmark that, so that next time my team wants to start thinking a product name, I'll not just quote Shakespeare, but also show them that the 4th name on the devs list becomes a brand for the company!


Anonymous said...

Just remember, Google doesn't make money from search, either... but it's still the brand of their company.

Saptarshi Purkayastha said...

Google does make most of their money from search. The ads are search-based and most thing they are earning from has search as its base (other than the mail ofcourse)...