Friday, September 21, 2007

Intel Interactive Ads Are Fun

A lot of us have adBlock installed on our computers because we think ads are good and waste out bandwidth. But there's always a rose among the thorns, and Intel's Interactive Ads are something of that sorts. I have been looking at Intel's ads (not those stupid T.V ads) that are seen on different hardware sites. I have to say the ad makers have really done an amazing job with these ads!! If you haven't seen these interactive ads, then you really don't know what I'm talking of. May be a screenshot will help, but then playing with the real thing is something fun!!

The fun part of the ads are that they are interactive and in the screenshot you can see how that "agent" has caught my mouse (broke it, stamped it :(( when I tried to get close to the guarded Intel laptop. Other similar Intel ad campaigns that were present earlier had dogs in them, which would angrily bite the mouse if you brought it any closer to the Intel machines!! :-) I have seen a few interactive ads on the internet, but none of those were from big companies and nor were they as perfect graphically as these intel ads.

If you want to play with these ads, look at tech sites like , , Really an awesome job from the designers of these ads!! May be in the future we'll see many more interactive ads from other companies as well!!

Note: Remove the adBlocks if you wanna see those ads

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