Wednesday, September 19, 2007

How Intel Got Its Name

Have a friend of mine who's attending the IDF and got some news on Intel history, that I thought I should write down. Intel is a very big brand in itself and the name is synonymous with desktop computing. We all know how popular their "Intel Inside" branding was. But just a small history on how Intel got its name Intel was revealed by the founder Gordon Moore at IDF 2007.
Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce left Fairchild Semiconductor, since Fairchild didn't believe in the future of integrated circuits as much as Noyce or Moore. So, when they started this new company, they named it Moore & Noyce. They did the paper work with this name for the first 8 weeks, but didn't think this name was catchy or it gave an idea about the company. Then, a while later Noyce's daughter, Penny Noyce suggest the name Intel (INtegrated ELectronics). This name was liked by both Noyce and Moore and they changed the name to Intel. And now, as we all know its the biggest manufacturer of x86 processors.

So now you know, how Intel got its name!! Some history lesson ha!!


Aafrin said...

Hey, that history lesson was cool. It's always, and quite natural that we don't get actually interested in anything unless we dig into its roots. I read this book called 'The Google Story' by David A. Vice. In 1996, Larry Page & Sergey Brin, the people who gave the world '', named the search engine 'BackRub' named for its analysis of the web's 'back links'. Larry continuously discussed about the name with his officemates. Sean Andearson, one of their friends suggested 'Googol', a number with 100 zeros. But as Sean misspelled and because of domain name availability, it was ultimately named 'Google', our very own search engine.
Looking forward for more tech talks.

Saptarshi Purkayastha said...

Yea, google's been a true fairy tale of this computer industry. Google has really become synonymous with internet. Another lesson from the spelling mistake is that names really don't matter much if you have the product to sell!!