Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Technorati Launches Blogging Central

Technorati, the popular blogger's tool for indexing and ranking blogs has just launched a new service called "Blogger Central". Blogger Central is kind of an aggregrator service and talks about top tags, rising links of the day and some popular posts in the blogosphere.technorati

Blogger Central is Technorati's attempt to focus back on its target audience of bloggers. Technorati has been slowly loosing its limelight due to other services which are doing better work than it. For example, Google's BlogSearch indexed faster than Technorati a few weeks back and people began searching for blogs on Google's page rather than Technorati. Even the wordpress guys changed the Dashboard, to get links from Google's BlogSearch and not Technorati. This might have been a big blow to Technorati as Wordpress is the most popular blogging tool.

Blogger Central is also in some ways similar to Techmeme's Web 2.0 discussion. The rising links for the day can allow a user to read those posts and then look at the reactions to that blog post from technorati's index. Blogger Central also displays "Blog Posts About Blogging", another popular and interesting thing that bloggers seem to read these days. Other things like "Top Blogs" and "Top Favourited Blogs" which were already there with Technorati have been brought to this page as well.

We will see in the coming days if Technorati can get back to the limelight, that it once had. Technorati lost its way sometime back due to slow indexing, incomplete indexing and incorrect search results. Those problems seem to have been corrected in the last month and now Technorati works a lot better and accurately. Goodluck to Technorati on this one...

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