Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sell Your Privacy, Get Vista Free

Update: Microsoft has just put the lid on the program saying that the program is full... This makes me wonder how many people want Vista/Office!!... Or is it just saving the privacy scare??

Some wise man once said, "No pain...No Gain". How about the pain of losing your privacy and gaining a free copy of Windows Vista ?? Yes, your privacy is worth only $350 in the market according to Microsoft. That's what Kevin from notebookreviews says is the offer from Microsoft.

You can go to the link: and signup for the Windows Feedback Program:

You can use this website to sign up for one or both parts of the program, but note the following restrictions:

  • Participation is currently limited to US residents of 18 years and older.
  • You are the owner of the computer you use for this program.
  • The automated feedback program is offered to Windows Vista and Windows XP customers only.
  • The survey feedback program applies to all versions of Windows.
  • Microsoft, comScore, and MarketTools employees are not eligible to participate.


The Windows Feedback Program will monitor the different things that you do and will report back to Microsoft about the stuff you do. In all goodness, Microsoft says that they will use your computer to monitor your behavior and that feedback will be useful to improve the software experience. Its kind-of spyware, but you agree to it before installing and get gifts for it in return. There will also be a periodic survey that you will be asked to do and the results of those will be used by I guess a few people in the market. comScore is going to be involved in this and we all know that they seem to do some user tracking and website data analysis for the paycheck.

You have to decide is your privacy worth selling... and if it is... is it worth of what, Microsoft's giving you??

In another story, theInq reports that Microsoft also filed 52 lawsuits in 22 countries against software companies who have sold pirated copies of Windows. Is there a relationship between the two ??

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