Saturday, December 1, 2007

AT&T Takes Revenge On Apple

Everyone knows AT&T exclusively sold the iPhone and bet quite a lot of money on the iPhone. Infact, AT&T shares quite a large percentage of revenue earned from the iPhone users with Apple. So, you must come to think of Apple & AT&T being best friends...??

That's not quite the inside story. When AT&T sold the first iPhone bundled with its service exclusively, it meant that iPhone could be used only on AT&T networks. But you know, the hackers didn't want that to happen. They unlocked the iPhone and we know what happened after that. But one thing not many people understood is why Apple sold the iPhone from it's stores as well, when it was only meant to be running on AT&T's network. It should have been available only at AT&T's shops and not the iTunes activation. Atleast some gaurantee that you have taken the AT&T's plans!! Forget it though since that's history...

Apple releases the firmware slowly after everyone in the world has unlocked the iPhone and newer firmware is cracked even before Apple puts its on its servers. AT&T must be totally pissed off at these leaks and so, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson leaked the info that consumers could expect a new iPhone next year that offered HSDPA wireless broadband support. This means the 3G missing from iPhone currently would be available early next year... After this information leaked, obviously people wanting to buy iPhones will hold their horses and wait for the 3G one. That's how you take revenge on Apple!!

AT&T obviously has plans and other phones for its revenue, but for Apple the iPhone sales will surely slow down. PBS's Bob Cringely, also agrees to this view, but seems to suggest that Apple will bid on the 700Mhz spectrum that Google, Intel, Verizon and others are fighting for. We'll know that on Monday, but I'm quite certain Apple will stay away from the fight which has already got quite noisy!!


Anonymous said...

When Steve Jobs announced the iPhone last January he said that a 3G iPhone would be available in late 2008.

The AT&A CEO's statement was only a repeat of Apple's official position on 3G iPhones.

No conspiracy at all.

Saptarshi Purkayastha said...

I think I heard early 2008! May be thats the surprise to kill off shopping season and christmas sales!