Friday, December 14, 2007

Knowledge Sharing By Google Knol

Today, Google has talked about a new way for people to share knowledge. Google will release a product shortly called "Knol" that will allow people with knowledge about a thing to share it with other people. The product is kind-of like wikipedia where people write pages and google will display it in the search results, so that this knowledge is shared through its search engine.

You would ask, what's new about it... if you wanted to share knowledge then there was always wikipedia or your own blog. But what Google wants to do with this new product is to highlight the authors. They want to bring the people who share the knowledge into the limelight and this would be an incentive for people to share knowledge.

Google also adds that, the author can display ads on the content and make some money. But it will be left upto the author as to what he/she wishes to do. Google will also not edit the articles and all the editorial authority will be with the author only.

I kind-of like this idea of Knol and should be pretty useful in getting relevant searches, which is rarely found these days. Google will rate the different articles on a topic and it'll be displayed in the search result higher than all the junk that's not related to the topic. I think Knol should be a very good product since it will help recognize authors as well as the searchers will be able to get better search content.

You can read the entire announcement at the Google Blog.

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