Thursday, June 12, 2008

June 17th is Download Day for Firefox 3

Mozilla has announced that it will be releasing Firefox 3 on the 17th of June. Mozilla had earlier announced that it has planned to set a world record of theFF highest downloads in a day and had asked everyone to spread the word. The support pledge can be found here and with the release of RC2 last week, everything is stable and ready to be released.

Firefox 3 has a host of new features, improved performance and better security. Mozilla claims that Firefox 3 has 15,000 tweaks and enhancements compared to earlier version. The download day is important to the open-source world because it is like a show of strength against the corporate closed-source world. Firefox has been grabbing market share rapidly in the last few months and Firefox 3 hopes to improve its browser reach.

Get all set and download from “” when the download day arrives on June 17th.

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