Monday, June 2, 2008

3G iPhone Expectation Decreases Market Share

The latest smart phone market share data released by IDC shows that Apple's iPhone has lost market share. On the other hand RIM's Blackberry has gained market share. Does this mean that Blackberry is picking up back against the iPhone? Is the excitement about iPhone coming to an end?

If you look at the facts it seems like Apple is loosing its lustre. iPhone has a market share of 19.2% in Q1'08 compared to 26.7% in Q4'07. At the same time Blackberry has increased its market share from 35.1% in Q4'07 to 44.5% in Q1'08. Thus it seems Blackberry has a victor in the making. IDC analyst Ramon Llamas said the BlackBerry is now strong in the "prosumer" segment, as RIM has successfully widened the appeal of the device beyond the professionals who have been its core customer group.

Actually, the fact is that iPhone excitement is just about to reach its peak sometime later this year when Apple Application Store will come into being. Apple has released its developer program and developers are in the process of finishing their applications. A lot of prospective buyers of the iPhone are also waiting for a 3G version which Apple plans to release in a few months time. With a really small timespan left, Apple will be up again and I think will be capturing all the lost market share.

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