Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Adobe Buzzword Could be the Google Docs Killer

Online word processors have been used by a lot of people. Document collaboration and sharing is the most killer feature of these online word processors. But till date no online word processing software has caught up with Microsoft Office in terms of good looking UI. Google Docs and Zoho are the biggest in the online word processing market, but yesterday Adobe launched Adobe Buzzword online word processor.

Adobe Buzzword is a flash-based online word processor, with an excellent looking user-interface. The User-Interface is not just graphically good-looking, but it is as fast as Google Docs UI. Buzzword is fast and intuitive. Buzzword also features collaboration, image embedding, table creation and everything else that you come to expect of a good online word processor.


Buzzword has good fonts and you can get a PDF out for printout. It is an excellent word processor if you want to make PDFs and send it out to others without collaborating on documents. Adobe Buzzword makes use of Adobe Flash 9 and its such a small runtime, that you can start using Buzzword nearly instantly and it doesn't feel any different from a desktop word processor. Buzzword is still in beta and you have to signup for the beta from here.

Along with Buzzword, there is also another use private online chat room from Adobe called Adobe Connect. It is also in beta and can be used to do online meetings and drawings on runtime. Adobe is doing some excellent things in the online and Google should watchout for Adobe, since it is really catching up on the web.


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