Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Mozilla Has Own Book of Testament in Firefox 3

Mozilla has been playing a lot lately with Firefox 3 and has been running this marketing of a robot image that's protecting the world. The what's new from the latest Firefox 3 beta 5 has the Robot in a park. Other ones from Beta 4 also features something like this.. (see below)

Mozillabeta5 Mozillabeta4

Continuing the rounds of fun that they are having there are few more robot things inside latest Firefox 3 Beta 5. Type about:robots in the address bar and you'll see a nice fun thing about robots and how they welcome you. Watch the screenshot below:


And another good thing is that Mozilla is also in the midst of making a "Book of the Testament". If the old Testament had Book of Samuels, Book of Kings... then Mozilla is creating a new Book of Mozilla. They are expecting it to be the web surfers holy grail. Type about:mozilla in your address bar or see the screenshot below.


There are few more things to be discovered in Firefox 3. Few more lands to be conquered. If you have the Columbus in you, go find America!!

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Adi said...

The book of Mozilla is an old one and has been in existence for a lot of versions. The on ein Firefox 3 is edition 10 I guess!!