Monday, April 28, 2008

netBeans 6.1 Final Released

The guys from netBeans have released the final version of netBeans 6.1 after ironing out a lot of bugs. Its an awesome release and the speed increase is pretty nb-logo-frontpage awesome. NetBeans 6.1 is not just about performance improvement but also has a few new features along the way.

Whats New In NetBeans 6.1

  • JavaScript support.
  • Spring Framework Support.
  • New MySQL support in Database Explorer. This feature allows you to register a MySQL Server, view databases, view, create, and delete databases, easily create and open connections to these databases, and to launch the administration tool for MySQL. This also allows you to easily create NetBeans sample databases so that following tutorials, blogs, and so on is significantly easier.
  • Support for Java Beans. You can now view Java Bean patterns in the Navigator and BeanInfo Editor.
  • JSF CRUD Generator. With this feature, you can generate a JavaServer Faces CRUD application from JPA entity classes.
  • Javadoc Code Completion. Editing of javadoc comments is more convenient with code completion.
  • Shareability of projects. This new feature in Java SE, Java Web, and all Java EE project types allows you to create projects that share definitions of libraries. That in turn allows you to create self-contained projects or sets of projects that can easily be built from the command line, on continuous integration servers, and by users of other IDEs without problems.
  • Existing infrastructure has been enhanced to support window transparency (on platforms that provide it).
  • Javadoc and sources association. Now any JAR item on the project classpath can be associated with its Javadoc and sources too.
  • Inspect Members and Hierarchy Windows. Inspect Members and Hierarchy actions now work when the caret in the Java Editor is on a Java class for which there is no source available.
  • On Demand Binding Attribute for Visual Web JSF projects.
  • Axis2 support for web services.
  • SOAP UI integration for Web Service testing and monitoring.

The full list of features are here... Download it from here and have fun with the coding!!

NetBeans 6.5 will be the next version of netBeans and the developers want to improve the database connectivity in that version. And its not just for MySQL, but a lot of SQL improvements as well as drivers for not just JDBC. You can read all about it here.

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Adi Ananthkrishnan said...

Good release from Netbeans. Like the JavaScript debugger and code completion. And its snappier