Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Why Is "Live" Separate From Windows Vista ?

I hope you've heard about Windows Live. If you haven't, then click here and read about it after you finish reading this post. Windows Live is a group of free online services that Microsoft provides. And if you haven't still figured out, its basically Windows applications that can interact with online services.

If you have tried Windows Live, then you would realize that they aren't anything more than the same applications that are available in Windows Vista with some online activities. Hotmail is Live email and is not a desktop application, but it can be integrated with Live Mail, which is a modified Outlook Express. Now why can't the Outlook Express that comes with Vista work with Hotmail?? Why can't MSN messenger come pre-installed with the Live stuff?? Why can't you bring the Writer and Events applications along with Vista?? It'll encourage many more people to be blogging and use Spaces for their diary. The Live Photo Gallery is exactly similar to the Vista Photo Gallery other than the Publish button that can be used to share photos online. Why not have the publish button in Vista??

Windows Live tools can be installed on Windows XP SP2 & Vista and is free for download. Maybe Microsoft has the goodwill and wants to give access to the Vista tools to Windows XP users, but then why not have them integrated with Windows Vista itself. I mean what's the point in having two similar applications that do the same thing except one can do stuff online. And anyway its free right?? Windows Visa SP1 is just ready for release and it is an excellent time to bring the Live services to all Vista applications.

Is Microsoft getting worried about antitrust lawsuits and not doing it?? Or is there a separate Vista Ultimate Live product being offered. I'm dumbstruck by this dumb decision to not keep Live alive in Windows Vista from the very beginning.

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