Thursday, January 24, 2008

NetBeans Event in Second Life

Second Life, the virtual world where people live another life in front of their computers, is going to be the location for the next NetBeans meet on Jan 31, 2008 at 10 am. If you haven't heard of Second Life, then may be you first need to read this and then if you are tired of your real life, get the client and log in to your Second Life.

I am not a resident of Second Life since I don't have enough time in my first life, but I always wonder what's the point of a second life if you already have a first life. I mean one life at a time can be tough to manage, what do you do when you have to manage two!! But this event seems to be good excuse for any netBeans developer at office to experience something other than just typing some code on the keyboard. The netBeans event can be a good refresher and is a nice idea from Sun to talk about netBeans.

The event is being held at the Sun's property in Second Life and you can get the directions here. Infact, you can teleport from to the meet location from that page. Brian Leonard and David Botterill will lead the talk about NetBeans 6.0 and will be mainly about the new features in netBeans 6.0. It'll be good if we have a good crowd at the meet and life can get really interactive in the world of second life. Hopefully people are still left with some Linden Dollars (virtual money of Second Life) after the banking debacle of last week.

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