Thursday, January 24, 2008

VMWare Releases Stage Manager 1.0 Beta

The leader in virtualization software and solutions, VMWare has released a new product called Stage Manager as beta. Stage Manager as the name suggest is used to manage the virtual stage of operating systems and is helpful to deploy applications on these virtual environment. Stage Manager is actually a useful GUI which allows easy management of virtual environments similar to Sun Microsystems Sun xVM Ops Center that ships with Sun's virtualization product xVM Server.

Some of the key features of Stage Manager as mentioned on VMWare's product website are:

Key Features

  • Rapidly create new multi-server software configurations (services)
  • Monitor resource usage on a per-service, per-stage and per-instance basis
  • Easily perform operations on a complete service (e.g. cloning, deploying, archiving, etc.)
  • Marshall changes across the service lifecycle, interacting with external process management/workflow system to ensure compliance with service transition policies
  • Maintain an archive of past service configurations supporting compliance and recovery operations
  • Maintain an auditable history of software configuration changes
  • Manage storage behavior on a per-stage basis to maximize storage efficiency
  • Control access to services on a per-service, per-stage and per-instance basis
  • Inherit then deploy services to resource pools created within VMware VirtualCenter


You can also look at the feature tour below:

You can read more on VMware's Stage Manager Product Page

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