Saturday, June 6, 2009

Netbeans 6.7 RC2 Released & Your Feedback Required

The new and shiny Netbeans 6.7 RC2 was released today and if you haven’t tried it out yet, please go and download it. It has host of new features which you cannetbeans 128 1 read here. My favorite feature in Netbeans 6.7 has been the out-of-the-box Maven integration and the ability to create Hudson continuous integration servers.

But more importantly, after you have downloaded Netbeans 6.7 RC2 and played with it enough, please give feedback to the Netbeans developer team about the release. There is a survey called the Community Acceptance survey which is integral to guarantee that the release is acceptable to the community. Isn’t that what open-source software is all about – the community. Please fill in the survey and give your very important feedback.


Augusto said...

Well, probably not the fault of the Netbeans team, but it's kind of surprising the JFX 1.2 plugin doesn't work in 6.7 ... I was hoping with a new update that would have been fixed.

Olivier Allouch said...

I miss the native font rendering so much. I'll stick with my 6.5 .