Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Difference between iPad2’s Safari and Desktop Safari

Since we are targeting the Raxa EMR for JSS for Webkit-based browser, it is important that the team understands the subtle differences between the Desktop shipped Safari and the version of Safari shipped for iPad2. The differences with Chrome are quite a few, so I won’t list those here.

Following are some of the differences to remember:

  • No Flash support
  • Safari iPad does not support position:fixed in CSS
  • Safari iPad creates link for 10-digit numbers automatically
  • Safari iPad does not allow scrolling over textareas and iframes
  • Safari iPad has issues with CSS Animations that cause flickering. Use JavaScript animation or hacks in CSS -webkit-backface-visibility:none; and -webkit-perspective:1000;
  • Safari iPad greys the upload button

Things have been improving compared to the first iPad and iPad2 and the differences are minimizing.

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