Wednesday, December 1, 2010

China bans wikileaks cablegate pages

The wikileaks release of the US cables is indeed the biggest newsmaker in world politics at the moment. Their leaks have shown the two-faced nature of diplomats, that we probably all knew, but never knew for certain. Nonetheless it is a major leak that could as some believe also result in World War III Smile with tongue out

The US government is clearly in a fix with the release of the cables and is trying to save face wherever it can by contacting its embassies around the world. Also Obama has said that the US government will exercise legal actions against wikileaks and its founder and run an embargo on this “irresponsible” and uncontrollable media.

But on the other side of the globe, China is clever enough to control the media. The Great fireWall of China just blocked the wikileaks cablegate pages and none from inside of China is able to view those pages on the internet. Now, if only the US learnt its lesson and started to whip naughty journalists and crazy activists, the world would have been a better… and safer place!! Smile with tongue out


Anonymous said...

You are retarded.

If you like the idea so much of censorship, move to China. Go there and enjoy what it is like to live in a Communist society. This is America, it should never ever become anything like China.

Land of the Free said...

Buddy if you're serious about this then get the heck out of America and head over to communist China. Had you written this from within the bounds of that country, they would have already found you, destroyed your computer, cut your arms off and thrown you in jail.

Saptarshi Purkayastha said...

The post was meant to be sarcastic... weren't the emoticons clear enough!

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of retards. This was a sarcastic post you idiots.